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On Campus magazine was launched in March 2003 and followed by Majaletna in March 2007 with a mission to empower Jordanian youth and provide talented students with the opportunity to freely express themselves, address their issues and expose their talents. An average of 35,000 copies every issue of Majaletna and On Campus are distributed free of charge through partners network present at 22 universities and 28 youth centers across Jordan. Other distribution channels include: audio and video stores, cinemas, cafes, restaurants, gyms, clubs, cultural centers, internet/gaming shops and popular hangouts. The magazines are released 8 times a year (every 6 weeks ) and each issue has a theme related to the time of release: OC Spring, OC Graduation, OC Summer, OC Break, OC Back to Classes, OC Fall/Winter , OC New Year’s and OC Anniversary.