You are here is a relatively young company yet with an already proven track record of achievement and success. In three years only, we have established ourselves as the premier web development and web-based applications house in Jordan scoring twelve Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes in Jordan’s 2008 Annual Web Awards; yet this is clearly not enough! Our excellence is not reflected in awards and accolades, but in the manner in which we conduct ourselves internally, to the quality of our products and solutions, to the level of our customer satisfaction.

First and foremost, it starts internally, where from the very outset we have aimed to hire only the best and brightest that Jordan has to offer. Our screening and hiring process is one of the stringent and most demanding in Jordan. Yet once selected, “dotjoers” are treated as our most valuable resource and Number One asset. In today’s knowledge economy, those who invest in their people will always rise to the top. And since inception, this has been our driving philosophy and unwavering belief.

Second, we live and die by the saying that “the devil is in the detail”. Whether it is in understanding your exact and detailed requirements, to drafting the needed offer with an intricate level of business analysis, or the timely delivery of each carefully crafted phase of your project, we take great pride in the level of attention and detail knowing at the end of the day that your success and your project’s success is our success as well.

Third, we believe that we can never stop learning and are therefore constantly investing in our staff’s level of knowledge and expertise and are always on the lookout for new programs, tools and applications to enhance our development methods and cycle, positively reflecting on the value of our solutions while expanding our product portfolio.

And last but certainly not least, at we take things personally! From the first phone call you receive from one of our Account Managers, to the drafting of the required offer and contract, ending with the timely delivery of your solution, you will sense a level of intimacy and personal interaction fit for a king. We will even go the extra mile and provide you with innovative solutions and original ideas that will further enhance your products and services to further distinguish your business from all competitors. By doing so, you will consider not only as your provider of choice, but also as your personal consultant and advisor.

I invite you to get to know us better. Whether you are considering for enterprise services and applications, or advanced web solutions, you’ll find our commitment to your satisfaction and success unparalleled. Enjoy the ride!

Marwan Juma